DIFIS-Studie 2024/3: Social Policy and Social Policy Research in Poland

Studies in the field of social policy are not numerous in Poland, but new majors containing this category in the name are still being created. Bachelor's degree curricula in this area are predominant, with studies most often offered within the discipline of political science and administration. In addition, there are a number of study programmes in related majors, where social policy issues are discussed. Social policy political consultancy is widespread at all levels of state organisation and in every type of social policy institution. It most often takes place in the form of the work of consultative councils, panels and commissions addressing broader or narrower social policy issues. There is a rich social policy data infrastructure. Public institutions are required to collect data relating to their statutory activities. These data are made available in the form of databases and reports. Also, academic and other research centres carry out numerous studies and research on social policy. The most important institution aggregating key quantitative data on social policy is the Central Statistical Office.

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